Are Tactical Boots Good for Snow/Winter?

Winter often comes with many new problems and difficulties such as low temperature, snow, rain, and safety risks while working or doing outdoor activities.

Tactical boots will be the most essential gear in this kind of weather conditions, but there seems to be confusion over this. So the question is are tactical boots good for snow/winter?

Well, the answer is “Yes” tactical boots are good for snow/winter and will keep your feet dry, warmth, comfortable, and safe during snow/winter period.

Unlike other traditional boots, tactical boots are made to be sturdy and tough to stand these kind of extreme whether conditions.

However, not all tactical boots are good for snow/winter so you must choose the right type to get that comfort and safety.

There are certain features and aspects which make tactical boots good for winter and cold weather.

What Make Tactical Boots Good for Snow/Winter

There are many things to consider that make tactical boots good for winter and cold weather conditions.

1) Waterproofing

During snow and extreme weather, it is fundamental that your feet stay dry in order to keep them warm. For these reasons, it is essential to get boots that are absolutely waterproof.

2) Insulation

Generally, the thing that differentiates cold weather tactical boots and other boots is the amount of insulation. 

You’ll want a pair of tactical boot that is heavily insulated to keep your feet warm in all kinds of temperature.

3) Stability

Tactical winter boots must be stable and grippy to provide ultimate traction. This is because you’ll want a boot that can take you through slippery rocks and icy surfaces confidently and ensure sureness of footing.

4) Durability

You don’t want to spend your money on boots that will not last longer.

Tactical winter boots will usually have waterproof and snow-proof layers for enhanced protection and durability.

5) Padded Collar

Tactical boots for snow/winter usually have a thick and high padded collar which will hug your ankle and protect your feet from moisture and cold temperature.

6) Temperature Rating

There are five primary temperature ratings for cold/winter  tactical boots. You should select temperature rating according to tour needs.

7) Antimicrobial Socks Lining

There are tactical boots that are designed with a molded antimicrobial sock lining to assist in keeping your feet comfortable and smelling good when walking on snow/traveling on winter days.

This is because low temperature and winter problems such as blisters, cracked heel and foot pains.

A good pair of winter tactical boot will help keep your feet healthy while walking in the cold/snow.

8) Safety

In addition to keeping your feet warm and comfortable, tactical boots also offer enhanced safety and protection while walking on snow.

They also have a slip resistant rubber outsoles which provides grip and traction on various surfaces and a good balance while you walk on icy surfaces.

This will prevent you from slipping and falling down in wet and icy surfaces.

Top 3 Best Tactical Boots for Snow/Winter

1) Danner Men’s Lookout 8″ 800g Military and Tactical Boot

The Danner Men’s lookout tactical boots is one of the best tactical boots for snow and extreme cold weather.

These boots will impress you with their durability, support, and padding which will provide you with the best comfort right out of the box.

Durability isn’t a problem with these boots as they are made with full-grain waterproof leather and ripstop ballistic nylon uppers.

Despite their full-grain leather, you will find these boots to be lightweight. Also, their Danner Dry liner will draw moisture away from your foot thereby providing warm in cold weather. The 800g thinsulate of these boots will keep your feet warm in coldest temperature. 

As for comfort, the boots have a dual density (patent padding) footbed which works with the underfoot venting to provide superior ventilation and comfort.

Also, they have an airthotic heel clip count for support and a wide toe box for more active fit.

These Danner boots also come with a molded thermoplastic polyurethane cap for superior support and tremendous cushioning for excellent shock absorption.

The air vents of the boots will provide ventilation while their mesh top cover speeds up drying process in case the boots gets wet.

As for traction and functionality, these boots come with a rugged rubber outsoles with a dynamic lug pattern to provide incredible grip on ice and other various surfaces.

Danner Men’s Lookout tactical boots will be a wise investment and won’t let you down through the deepest snow and slippery ice.

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2) Bates Men’s GX-8 Gore-Tex Insulated Waterproof Tactical Boot

The Bates Men’s GX-8 Gore-Tex insulated waterproof tactical Boots will impress with features and build, which make them one of the best tactical boots for snow/winter.

These boots are made with high quality 100% leather/synthetic and features a Gore-Tex waterproof linings to keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable.

The boots have a slip resistant rubber outsoles for more grip and traction on various surfaces and to prevent you from slipping because of snow or ice.

The boots also come with a padded collar for more comfort and a thinsulate insulation to keep your feet warm in the cold weather.

The EVA midsoles of these boots and their cushioned inserts are completely padded and easy to remove to offer you with the best fit.

The boots also have a flexible cement construction with a metallic elements that are security friendly.

The slip resistant rubber outsoles of the boots will keep you always on the move by providing grip and traction on the snow or ice.

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3) Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tac Waterproof Military and Tactical Boots

These under armour men’s stellar tactical boots will make an appropriate choice for an affordable tactical boots for snow/winter.

These boots are made with 100% leather and nylon that make it comfortable right out of the box.

The boots have a molded EVA midsoles and reinforced TPU shank which provides superior support and protection.

The boots also have exceptional shock absorption and contoured heel that stays in place when your are on the move.

Moving through the snow wont be a problem with these boots as they have a runner lug outsoles for increased grip and traction on ice and various surfaces.

Durability will also not be a concern as the lacing system of the boots is adequate and the laces are also strong and long.

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Are tactical boots good for snow and winter

Conclusion – Are Tactical Boots Good for Snow/Winter?

Tactical boots are all purpose and are well made to withstand tough and extreme conditions.

There are highly insulated, snow-proof, waterproof and slip-resistant tactical boots that are perfect to keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable in snow and extreme cold weather.


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