Are Tactical Boots Good for Running?

Are you new to running in tactical boots? Or are you transitioning from running in sneakers to running in tactical boots?

Military life often involves running in your boots, especially during initial training and operations.

It was generally thought that tactical boots are usually heavy. Hence, they can increase fitness and leg strength more than running sneakers.

So you are wondering, “are tactical boots good for running?”

Yes, there are tactical boots that are good for running. We dare say once you start using them in your daily runs, you may never go back! So stick with me because I’ll share a brief guide to running in tactical boots to help you stay on the safe side and get the most from running in tactical boots.

And on top of that, I’ll also share with you our handpicked list of the best tactical boots that are good for running.

A Brief Guide to Running in Tactical Boots

This is important if you want to run safely and conveniently in tactical boots and achieve the best performance. And to answer your question, “are tactical boots good for running?”

So make sure that you put these tips into practice.

1) Choose Tactical Boots that are Lightweight and Flexible

This is where most people run into trouble; standard-issued combat boots are often cumbersome, not very supple, and can be tough on your feet.

Tactical boots that are lightweight and flexible are very comfortable and easy on your feet. Some are like high top sneakers than tough and hardcore military boots.

You see my point, right?

If you have the choice, equip yourself with the lightest tactical boot you can find for better comfort and performance.

2) Make Sure Your Tactical Boots are Well Broken in

Apart from leather, lightweight tactical boots are usually made with additional materials such as CORDURA, making them soft and supple right out the box.

The problem is; leather tactical boots are different and need breaking in before use.

Before running in your tactical boots, you should try walking in them because running and walking are mechanically different activities.

Let me clarify, a boot that rubs you when you walk can still rub you when you run.

So wax and even soak them in water, and then wear them wet to mold them to your feet. You can even apply athletic tape to any potential hotspot site.

3) Add Additional Shock Absorbing Insoles

Most comfortable and lightweight tactical boots come with a shock absorption technology, while some have soles that are less firmer and less shock absorbent.

In this case, you should replace the insoles with some aftermarket shock-absorbing insoles to make them more convenient.

When you are running, your feet will often hit the ground about 6-8 times your body weight in force.

And a significant amount of this force is absorbed by your boots, but this is not usually the case with most tactical boots.

So make sure that the Insoles fit correctly because they can cause blisters and injuries if they are too thick or too wide.

4) Don’t Quickly Jump into Running in Your Boots

The problem is quickly jumping into running in tactical boots is an excellent way to get hurt. Running in a tactical boot is more stressful than running in sneakers.

But the solution is simple; start with short and relatively infrequent runs to make your body used to run in tactical boots.

After that, you can gradually increase your distance and frequency to reduce the risk of injuries.

And if you are running for specific events, make sure to give yourself enough time to build fitness and tolerance for running in tactical boots.

5) Run Off-road as Much as Possible

This is because running on the tarmac will get your feet hit a whole lot of unpleasant impact, even with shock-absorbent insoles in your boots.

It would be best if you instead ran on dirt tracks, wooded trails, and fields whenever you could because they are much more forgiving than tarmac roads.

6) Shuffle But Don’t Sprint

Here’s the bottom line; running in tactical boots will be more comfortable if you adapt to a short flat-footed shuffle instead of running with a heel-toe and long stride action.

This will make your move quickly, and you won’t hammer your feet into the deck with much force.

The shuffling technique is generally quieter from a tactical perspective.

Top 3 Tactical Boots That Are Good for Running

1) 5.11 Men’s ATAC 2.0 6″ Tactical Side-Zip Military Boot


These 5.11 tactical side zip military boots have essential features that make them one of the best tactical boots for running.

The boots are very lightweight, come with a shock absorption system and a full-length dual durometer ortholite footbed for enhanced comfort and flexibility.

The ankle of the boots is made of perforated EVE foam padding that make them feel lightweight and comfortable when running.

They also come with TPU ankle stabilizers that reinforce the boot’s structure and give the proper support to do any movement and run comfortably.

On top of that, the boots also incorporate a feature called “zonal lacing” that lets the boot suit tightly on your feet and ensure proffer fitting without sacrificing flexibility.

This is essential for comfort and high-performance running.

Similarly, their shock-absorbing qualities will feel much better, like you are running in the air.

Finally, the inside of the boot is made with moisture-wicking ortholite sock liners to keep your feet warm, dry, and smelling fresh during and after running exercise.

2) Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTZ 1.5 Military and Tactical Boot


The under-armor men’s Valsetz RTZ tactical boots are perfect for running. This is due to their textile and synthetic materials, making them lighter and flexible.

They also come with an ortholite socks liner which provides cushioning, fights funky odors, and absorbs harsh impact for a smooth and comfortable run.

On top of that, they also come with a TPU toe cap which provides a combination of abrasion-resistant and protection against debris.

This will give you the right amount of rigidity you need and help you easily maneuver while running.

These Under Armour tactical boots also come with a Micro G Foam, which provides maximum support and makes you feel like running in the air.

Finally, their molded ortholite sock liners make them highly breathable, lightweight, moisture-resistant, and convenient for best-running performance.

3) Maelstrom Patrol Black Duty Tactical Boot


If I have to comment on the features that make these Maelstrom boots suitable for running, I can tell you that they are very lightweight and come with a high-performance shock-absorbent cushion insert. This, in my opinion, makes them suitable for running and other outdoor activities.

Thanks to their oil and slip-resistant rubber outsoles, you’ll never trip and fall when running.

And on top of that, they also come with breathable moisture-wicking linings that help to keep your feet dry and smelling fresh after running exercise.

Likewise, the boots have key comfort features such as shock-absorbent cushion inserts, which help keep your feet comfortable while on the track.

Additionally, that also has a side zipper for convenience and to remove the trouble of laces coming apart when running. This is something that most runners love.

But that’s not all. They also incorporate supportive design elements such as composite shanks and flexible rubber outsoles to make your running experience more comfortable.

FAQ about running in tactical boots

What are the Risks of Running in Tactical Boots?

One of the risks of running in tactical boots could lead to blisters and injuries. This is why it is recommended to get tactical boots that are lightweight, flexible, and have shock absorption insoles to stay on the safe side.

Can Combat Boots be Used as Running Shoes?

Yes, some (but not all) combat boots can be used as running shoes, but you should not jump into running with them very quickly. Instead, it would help if you started with small and infrequent running exercises to make your body used to run in combat boots.

Are Combat Boots Meant for Running?

No, combat boots are not meant for running. But some modern combat boots are pretty good for running exercises.

Are Tactical Boots Good for Everyday Use?

Yes, tactical boots are suitable for everyday use. They are practical, comfortable, and protect your feet in the long run.


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