Are Tactical Boots Good for Hiking?

Tough, comfortable, sturdy, durable, flexible, and good looking – Tactical boots are favoured by people who are in the military.

However,a number of people use tactical boots for Hiking, trekking, and backpacking.

So, are tactical boots good for hiking? Well, the answer is “Yes” tactical boots are good for hiking as I’ll explain in more detail.

Are tactical boots good for hiking

What Make Tactical Boots Good for Hiking

There are many features that make tactical boots good for hiking as we will discuss below.


You don’t want to hike with a boot that is heavy and can hold you back when you need to move quickly.

Lightweight boots tend to be more flexible, and breathable, preventing your feet from getting overheated.

The big advantage of lightweight tactical boot is that you are not lugging around as much weight on your feet, which allows you to keep pace and use less energy.

Lightweight tactical boots also allows you to be more nimble on your feet, this makes a huge difference especially if you are dodging rocks, boulders, and logs.

Another thing that makes lightweight tactical boots good for hiking is that it.


It doesn’t take much convicing to understand why you will need a breathable boot for hiking. 

Having wet, swammy feet due to sweaty feet can cause trenchy feet. Wet socks also increases your chances of blisters, and wet feet can quickly become cold feet. 

So would you opt for sweaty feet during long hikes?

Breathable tactical boots promotes air flow to keep you comfortable and prevent cold and sweaty feet during long hiking trails which makes it good for hiking. 

They make your feet more breathable giving you an easy-walk experience. This makes it ideal for hiking in extreme weather conditions.

Also, if you are considering hiking in a wet environment, tactical boots are highly waterproof and will help prevent water from entering into the shoes and keeping your feet wet. 

Waterproof boots are not ideal for hiking in hot environments and for long treks because the more waterproof the boot is, the less breathable it becomes. 

So if you are hiking in a wet environment, then you waterproof tactical boots will be a good choice, but if you are considering hiking in a dry environment, then go with more breathable boots to keep your feet dry and sweat-free.

Simply put, waterproof boots won’t breathe nearly as well as non-waterproof boots. Because non-waterproof boots are usually made with ventilated uppers and more breathable mesh liners which allow sweat to escape much more easily.

Can we use tactical boots for hiking


Flexibility and comfort are essential when considering a tactical boot for hiking. Even though tactical boots are often seen as heavy and bulky, there are lots of different variations that provides the maximum flexibility and comfort.

A good tactical boot has a firm, but flexible sole that can handle rough terrain, and flexible ankle support to give you maximum rapid movement when hiking.

Flexible boots allows your feet to get a workout by allowing you to move in a natural manner which can help prevent additional stress and/or injury to other joints.

Sturdy Uppers

A good tactical boot with a sturdy upper will provide stability around your ankles during long hikes and will also protect you from sharp objects and protrusion.


You want a good pair of boot that can withstand abuse are tough situations and handling. Tactical boots are made to be tough and to survive extreme conditions. 

They have tough laces, zippers, and soles which makes it more reliable and good for hiking and backpacking.

Can tactical boots be used for hiking

Conclusion – Should You Use Tactical Boots for Hiking?

If you want to wear tactical boots for hiking trails, have a lot of options to consider.

Look for boots that are light in weight and either breathable and/or waterproof so as to suit your environment.

Make sure that the boots fit perfectly and hit the trail. You should get a tactical boot that have just the exact, fit, comfort, flexibility, and features that you need for any hike and in any kind of weather conditions.

Also, use hiking socks to add cushioning, great comfort, water resistance and breathability.

The most important thing is to make sure that you are getting genuine tactical boots not simple combat-styled fashion boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Tactical Boots be Used for Hiking?

Yes, tactical boots can be used for hiking as they are mainly designed for jobs that require a lot of movement.

When using tactical boots for hiking, it is ideal to go with boots that are more breathable/waterproof, lightweight, slip resistant and ankle support for enhanced comfort and protection.

Can You Wear Tactical Boots for Hiking?

Yes, you can wear tactical boots for hiking. Just make sure you you choose boots that have just the exact features, fit, comfort, lightweight, ankle support and durability.


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