Comprehensive 5.11 Halcyon Tactical Stealth Boot Review

Welcome to our 5.11 halcyon Tactical Stealth Boot Review!

The 5.11 Halcyon Tactical Stealth Boot is the newest addition to the Halcyon boots offered by 5.11, providing a low profile to your Halcyon experience.

The Halcyon Tactical Stealth Boot is exclusively manufactured by 5.11 to provide outstanding comfort through long days and nights.

The boot looks similar to the popular Under Armor tactical boots and provides maximum mobility against every operation without sacrificing comfort and durability.

This Halcyon Tactical Stealth Boot from 5.11 Tactical is made to offer excellent comfort, breathability, traction, and stability for whatever environment.

The boot is tailored using high-grade materials for durability and comfort. It is developed with slip and oil-resistant outsoles that allow you to walk, run, and work in any environment without the fear of slipping.

The 5.11 Halcyon Tactical Stealth Boot features a highly breathable mesh upper improved with natural antimicrobial and SlipStream low friction lining for ventilation and odor control to keep your feet dry and comfortable all day.

This tactical boot is finished with tac-lock laces to prevent the boot from untying and allow you to move freely without worrying about the laces. The boot is structured to deliver ultimate cushioning, endurance, traction, and stability against any environment and uncompromised performance for every situation.

Overall Opinion

The 5.11 Halcyon Tactical Stealth Boot has pleased our testers with its high-grade materials, excellent comfort, durability, traction, and how it provides excellent mobility against any operation. It packs in technology over and above that delivers endurance, cushioning, protection, breathability, and shock absorption through long days and nights.

Halcyon Tactical Stealth Boot Upper Unit Review

The upper unit of the 5.11 Halcyon Tactical Stealth Boot is made from highly breathable mesh upper and synthetic materials for maximum durability, support, and comfort all day.

The upper materials include Clarino synthetic leather and 100% polyester, durable, flexible, breathable, and feature a 3D print for added sturdiness and abrasion resistance.

The boot is finished with tac-lock lace that efficiently holds the boot and secures your foot comfortably to prevent untying and allow you to move quickly.

The 5.11 Halcyon Tactical Stealth Boot is crafted for superior tactical support and all-day wear. The upper unit is tailored using carefully selected high-grade materials that offer reliability and support for the most demanding situations.

The mesh upper and materials that made most of this boot are highly breathable and combine an original SlipStream low-friction and an antimicrobial lining for effective odor control and keep your feet fresh and dry all day.

The laces feature a tac-lock lacing system that securely holds the boot and prevents the laces from untying. Instead of circular eyelets, the laces use beautiful Y-shaped eyelets that allow the laces to flow freely to get in nice and tight completely. 

The boot opens up nicely, so people with wide feet can quickly wear the boot for easy on and off during emergencies. 

The toe box is rubberized and built to cover the box, which is perfect for those in a front position. The webbing is perfectly placed up to the top to protect the laces and give maximum support.

Additionally, instead of opening up on the sides, the lacing system is placed to provide an excellent outdoor sport fit to allow the boot to move freely with you.

The size scale of this boot is where 5.11 steps it up. They made the boot from a size 4 to a size 15, which is almost unheard of. The boot is also available as regular and wide boots.

It may feel very tight or constricted on the first wear but fit perfectly like a glove with time.

Halcyon Tactical Stealth Boot Sole Unit Review


The 5.11 Halcyon Tactical Stealth Boot features a compression-molded EVA (CMEVA) midsole, which follows the foot line, provides cushioning and rebound, and helps protect your foot from hard or sharp objects.

One of the things about a boot like this is often because of manufactured materials. They can pick up odor and stink.

But one of the things that 511 has done is technology linings that coat the entire inside of the boots. It keeps it clean and extends the boot’s life. 

They use a silver and copper formula for protection, and silver is known to kill bacteria, so this will resist microbial growth inside the boot.

The midsoles of this tactical boot provide stability against your foot and contain materials that will endure all challenges, terrain, and all possible pressures that happen during walking or running.

The outsole provides traction, stability, flexibility, durability, and slip resistance to the boot while keeping the weight down. 


This 5.11 Halcyon Tactical Stealth boot has ortholite insole inserts. One of the things about ortholite is that they are used in most athletic or sports shoes.

511 Halcyon Tactical Stealth Boot ortholite insole

The ortholite insole of these boots provides long-term cushioning. It’ll only lose 5% of its structure over an extended period.

It’s an open-cell foam that is 95-100% breathable and has moisture management features that soak down moisture from your foot.

The boots’ insoles also have a salt-based antimicrobial technology that fights fungus, bacteria, and odors. It is super lightweight and machine washable, and you can even pull it right out, which is an excellent feature of these boots.


The 5.11 Maximus outsole is both slip and oil resistant to give you the advantage of walking, running, and performing extreme footwork in any environment and situation without worrying about slipping.

The outsole offers the ultimate cushioning, traction, and stability against any operation on rocks, ice, mud, or surface.


These boots are surprisingly comfortable up front as soon as you put them on. There’s no break-in period required as they fit like some nice, you know, athletic shoes.

The boots are very comfortable to wear, which can surprise you with how comfortable they are.

One of the things that the 5.11 Halcyon Tactical Stealth Boots stand for is that they are super lightweight and make you feel like you’re walking on air. 


These 5.11 Halcyon Tactical Stealth Boots are not waterproof (got you covered with a list of the best waterproof boots), and the water will go through the mesh.

But another cool thing about these boots is that they dry out very quickly and protect the lower part of your soles.

If you’re going to get into the water, you should probably wear some socks that will not retain moisture, like wool or synthetic socks. They are not waterproof but will give you a lot of air and breathability, especially in hotter weather.


The top area of the boot is made of man-made materials. The leather materials of the boots have a suede appearance; in fact, it feels suede.

They said it’s a microsuede designed to mimic animal leather to give stretch durability and the recovery of standard animal leather.

The boot has side mesh panels which increase the breathability of the boots. It also has a material that runs all along the upper to give it a cool look.

The tongue and collar of the boot are padded to give you some strength and comfort.

There is also a black version of the boot, with a side zipper for easy on and off. It has a lace-up, the tack lock lacing that secures itself when you tie it.

It’s not prone to come loose and retains the knot up through the tongue. 

General Impressions

The 5.11 Halcyon Tactical Stealth Boot provides outstanding comfort through long days and nights and is perfect for use in any environment and situation.

The boot is comfortable, stable, highly breathable, and performs well. It comes with CMEVA outsoles that provide grip, traction, and stability on varied terrain. The boot is very wide and opens up nicely, and the lacing system securely locks the boot and is designed to offer a proper sports fit.

Overall, the boot is perfect for any operation and offers superior comfort and protection through long days and nights. It is available in various sizes; however, we recommend choosing a size down for a snug fit.

Halcyon Tactical Stealth Boot Pros & Cons


  • Superior comfort
  • Excellent mobility against any operation
  • High-quality materials
  • Excellent traction and stability on any terrain
  • Shock absorption through long days and nights
  • Uncompromised performance for every situation
  • Excellent ankle support and very spacious
  • Polyester and Faux Leather materials
  • Highly breathable mesh upper
  • Antimicrobial and SlipStream low friction lining
  • Slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant


  • Not water resistant
  • You’ll need to order a size down 
  • Not very light but moves with you

5.11 Halcyon Tactical Stealth Boot Review: Verdict

A low-profile tactical boot designed to provide superior comfort, breathability, and stability. The 5.11 Halcyon Tactical Stealth Boot will be an excellent boot for those who love highly comfortable tactical boots for long days and nights.

Frequently Asked Questions about 5.11 halcyon tactical stealth boot review

5.11 Halcyon Tactical Stealth Boots Review: Are These Boots Worth It?

A. Yes, .11 Halcyon Tactical Stealth Boots are worth it. The boots offer ultimate cushioning, security, breathability, stability, and traction. 

They are very comfortable, flexible, support your ankle very well, and can be worn comfortably for long hours on any terrain.

Q. Are 5.11 Halcyon Stealth Tactical boots Waterproof?

A. No, the 5.11 Halcyon Stealth Tactical Boot is not waterproof but dries out very quickly.

Q. What Would be the Best Way to Waterproof 5.11 Halcyon Stealth Tactical Boots?

A. The best way to waterproof the 5.11 Halcyon Stealth Tactical boots is using a waterproofing spray. Other waterproofing methods can damage the boot because it’s made with suede leather. Check my in-depth guide on waterproofing tactical boots to learn more about this method. 

Q. What Size Should a Woman Wear in Men’s 5.11 Halcyon Tactical Stealth Boots?

A. We generally advise that women order 1.5 sizes down (i.e., if you are a 6.5 in women’s, order a 5 in men’s)

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